Pretty in Pink

The color pink - what girl doesn't like the color pink? And the color pink comes in various forms - from hot pink to baby or pastel pinks.

Fancy a pink dress for a summer wedding? Or some pink sneakers for your daily jog? How about some pink jean shorts for your Saturday lunch with your girl friends? And for the consumate girly-girl, grab a pink handbag to wear every single day.

Pick your shade of pink and get on this naturally feminine trend.

Pack up on the pink this more about our featured pink designer pieces.

Popular Designers This Week

Yellow, Yellow and More Yellow - Here Comes the Sun!

The color yellow may not be for everyone...not true. This season, the color yellow can be for everyone...including you!

From yellow shoes and sandals to yellow dresses, you can find just about every clothing piece and accessory done in sunny yellow for your wardrobe this season.

Get yellow - and never be mellow more about our yellow designer pieces.

Favorite Designers

Flower Power - Tis the season!

A very powerful trend this season is the flower print...period.

From floral print dresses to floral shorts, flower power jumpsuits to flower patterned handbags, you will find just about every clothing piece and accessory done in floral prints for your wardrobe this season.

All designers have taken on this very pretty and feminine hop on and enjoy the prettiness!

Go ahead girls, get ready to be more about our designer florals.

Trending This Week

What is SOOOOO Hot and Trendy Right Now - Off the Shoulder Dressing

One of the most beautiful part of a woman's body is her shoulders - and that goes for every woman - not just the thin or svelte, lean or even athletic women. Every woman has shoulders nice enough to flaunt. Well, this season is all about the shoulders.

On trend right now - not to mention hot and sexy - are the off the shoulder tops, blouses, dresses and jumpers being designed by famous designers like Caroline Constas, Lovers + Friends, Alexis, Theory, Style Mafia and more.

Ladies, put on that strapless bra (or not) and sport one of these stunning strapless tops or blouses. A strapless top or blouse is probably a little too sexy to wear to work. However, when it is play time, have no fear. A stunning off the shoulder top will look great with either a pair of skinny tight ankle jeans and some stilettos for a night on the town will be just about perfect. Some sensuality with a bit of modesty.

If you dig more of the hippy groove, this style of strapless looose fitting blouse looks fabulous with a bohemian styled outfit. A pair of boot cut or distressed flared jeans (yes, they are coming back) and a pair of stacked heel booties, flat booties or a pair of wedge heeled shoes or boots - oh and don't forget your fringed leather handbag to top the outfit off - and you are ready for your girlfriends dinner out, a Saturday afternoon shop or even a girls night in.

If you are in need of a party dress or have a formal occasion to attend this season, opt for a strapless off the shoulder version by Alice + Olivia, Alexis Rachel, Anna Sui or for a more casual outing, how about a strapless dress romper by Piper Reynosa. Whichever you way you slice it, you will look simply sultry. Wear the dressier strapless over the shoulder dresses with some high heels or high heeled booties for that holiday party. Take your casual gauze ethnic dress to the beach or for your winter vacation trip. You will wear it all day long, as a beach coverup and maybe even to your dinner out off the resort.

For this fall season, my editor's pick has to be the sexy, subtle and sensual strapless, off the shoulder blouses by Alexis. Flirty, flouncy and feminine, Alexis' tops are a hit to show off your shoulder area.

Whichever designer off the shoulder strapless top, dress, jumper, romper or blouse you prefer, choose or buy, be sure to wear them and enjoy them this season. Not only will you look stylish and fashionable, you will be able to show off one of your best assets.

So go ahead girls, show some shoulder this may be your best asset!

Herve Leger Ellen Gown - Lipstick Red

Leopard Print - Take a leap on the leopard trend

Animal prints have been hot for some time now. But even more hot is the trendy leopard print.

Many designers have leaped onto the bandwagon of doing various clothing designs using a leopard print. Some have even taken the even bigger leap in designing leopard print boots, shoes and booties. You gotta love those leopard print booties.

Don't forget about 3.1 Phillip Lim's leopard print oxford shoes. How on trend are they? With a slightly stacked heel and dyed textured haircalf, these look like the real deal (no leopards were harmed in the making of these shoes :-) Wear these with some distressed boyfriend jeans and a white fitted shirt for a great everyday look.

Going on a beach vacation, how about a leopard print coverup by 9seed. From a short hi low version to a maxi chiffon leopard print cover up, 9seed has you covered. The long maxi dress could be worn with a short solid slip or lightweight silk dress underneath for a great looking and stylish dinner dress.

Would your wardrobe be complete without a designer leopard print bag? I would dare to say, NO. This is a must have, especially for those woman out there who are a tiny bit afraid to wear a piece of leopard print clothing. An animal print handbag is a great way of incorporating this trendy print into your wardrobe without the animal print taking over your complete look. A touch of leopard print in a handbag can be all you need to take that little black dress from fab to fab-ulous!

And just when you thought you had seen it all - there are now versions of sneakers, work out shoes, trainers and running shoes done in leopard print. Yes, you can even be 'spotted' while working out. Of course, it is the line by Adidas designed by Stella MacCartney who has taken the animal print to that new level of fashion. But, I guess now that work out gear has become so important and stylish, it was bound to happen eventually.

For those of you who have already taken the leap into leopardhood, how about going all out with a pair of leopard print pants. Bec and Bridge have designed a pair of animal print pants done in black and white snow leopard print. Perfectly on trend. Black and white remain very hot and the leopard print is just as hot so combine the two for a doubly hot on trend fashion statement.

And for those of you out there who still would like a little piece of animal print but are really afraid to commit to wearing any kind of leopard print out of your house, how about a pair of underwear bottoms. This way, no one will see them but you are still getting in on the trend. Calvin Klein makes a great array of pretty underwear bikini briefs for you women who are wild on the inside but more subdued on the outside.

Back to boots for a second...if you are the combat boot type, don't just think of them as done in black or brown leather anymore. Diane von Furstenberg has designed a pair of combat boots in leopard print. Oh die for - as I love my Dr. Marten's combat boots and I love me some leopard print!

Do you fancy a fedora this season?

Fedora, fedora, fedora...sounds like a love call to that pretty girl from the guy who thought she was getting away. Actually, a fedora is a type of hat, usually worn by men, I might add. The women's versions tend to have a larger brim and therefore are more floppy.

Maybe the mention of a fedora hat conjures up images of bad guys and gangsters like Bonnie and Clyde or Al Capone of Scarface...or for you younger gals out there, how about The Mask or a real gangster movie, The Untouchables with Kevin Costner or Brad Pitt in Snatch. All of these guys are wearing fedoras - not that this is necessarily the look, a gangster look, that you are going for. I am fairly certain that you prefer a feminised version of this look - a much more feminine version of the gangster look. Let's just say that you probably do not even want the word 'gangster' to describe your look. How about a menswear look - that is much more palatable to the ears and my style senses.

That leads me to the floppy fedora - a perfect accessory for your fall winter outfit. Seeing that the 1970's free living and living is easy movement is coming back, the fedora fits this look perfectly - part menswear (dare I mention Annie Hall), part hippie love child.

Designers are making female fedoras in all sizes, shapes (well sort of), and especially fabulous colors. As far as colors go, you can find a designer fedora ranging in colors from the standard black to heathered grey to brown rust, olive green, navy blue, natural beige and oatmeal, and even moss green and teal. From a large floppy brim to a smaller stiffer smaller brimmed fedora, take you pick.

If you are looking for a more serious formal look - say for going to work at a corporate office - you may opt for the smaller stiffer brimmed fedora. You may even choose a larger brimmed fedora in black which is stiffer and less floppy. That would be totally suitable for your office attire. For that casual Saturday afternoon look, you can't beat the natural camel tan (or pecan) floppy brim fedora. Pair one of these with a pair of flared bell bottom jeans, a poncho, some heeled ankle boots and a fringed handbag and you will be the one everyone is looking at as their style icon. This is the hipster hippie throwback 70's look which I am really hoping to sport this season. Feel free, smell the air, look to the sky - all while looking fab - and feeling fab.

Wearing a fedora is not as hard as it may seem. Some of you may say..."I can't wear hats...period." Fedoras are a bit more forgiving in their sometimes casual design. You can wear a fedora with a pair of dressy pants, wide legged dress pants, flared jeans, high waisted jeans, shorts, ripped destroyed jeans, skinny jeans, sweaters, shorts, and even dresses. The possibilities and looks are truly endless.

Fedora hats for women (or men) can be worn at just about any time of the year. Wear a felted wool fedora with a heathered grey sweater in the fall winter and how about a wicker basked weave fedora with a romper shorts jumpsuit in the summer. You can even change the look of your hat with a change in the brimmed band. Add your own ribbon. Add a piece of stip lace for a more feminine look.

I could go on and on about how to wear a fedora but, I am running out of writing space on the about you just go browse through some of the designer fedoras we have to offer...and you make up your mind about the look you would like to achieve. Whichever fedora you choose, you will be on your way to a great, slightly menswear look.

The Key Ingredient to your Perfect Summer Wardrobe - Some Wedge Sandals

Whether you want to dress up for work or you want to take a Friday afternoon stroll, or for some Saturday shopping, a pair of wedge sandals for the summer will be the perfect shoe for you.

Not only will they look fantastic and very on-trend, they will are most often super comfortable.

Firstly, being a sandal, your feet are open to the air and able to breathe freely. Secondly, because of the wedge heel, you are not stuck trying to walk miles on a stiletto or high heeled shoe. And of course, with the heel, you get the added benefit of gaining some height - while still being able to do all of your necessary shoe shopping (what...more shoes? But, of course, darling)

Take your pick of the various styles of wedge sandals available from your favorite designers. From a patterned wedge heel, to a cork or wooden wedge heel, to a platform wedge heel, you will find every possible combination of wedge sandal to suit you.

This year, many designers have chosen to add some spunk and funk to the wedge heels by doing the wedge portion in the same material as the shoe. Check out the designs by Kate Spade. Or perhaps you prefer to have the wedge heel the star of the shoe show. A great looking pair of sandals by Alice + Olivia make the platform wedge heel the absolute pop with a virtual colorful flower garden on the heel toned down with an all black upper and straps. these are the Siena wedges by Alice + Olivia. Such fun not to mention super pretty and feminine...and let's not forget the ease of walking - you have to love that!

With a retro twist of color and design, Alexandre Birman does not disappoint in his wedge sandals for this summer season. Some are a mix of platforms, wedges, espradilles and sandals - all in one. Sounds like a big bang for your buck in a pair of shoes. Get your 70's groove on with the Anete Wedges in Bali Multi color by Alexandre Birman.

For those who prefer an edgy look, you can take a peek at the large buckled blush nude leather wedge sandals by Alexander Wang. Done in blush colored leather, these sandals will be able to be worn with just about any outfit in your wardrobe. Pair them with some skinny jeans or capris, with a short romper, or some jean cut off short shorts. These espradille wedge heeled sandals would even look beautiful for a summer wedding with a white lace dress by Anna Sui or BB Dakota.

Although there are some great shoe designers providing stunning wedge sandals this year, my editor's pick has to be the very colorful wedge shoe designs by Sergio Rossi. From flower power to making a true commitment to a platform wedge, Sergio takes the wedge sandal to the extreme - in a good way, of course.

Whichever designer wedge sandal you prefer, choose or buy, be sure to wear them and enjoy them this summer season. Not only will you look stylish and fashionable, you will be able to walk as long as your legs will let you. Be on trend and comfortable in the wedge sandals of your choice.

Some say, once you go wedge, you may not go back - to stilettos that is!

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